What do we sell?

  • Scissors, threads, pins & needles
  • Shoelaces & candles
  • Hook & loop strips and hem adhesive
  • Washing lines & buckets
  • Shovels & dustpans
  • Wet & dry florist foam
  • Shoe & Bootlaces
  • Fuses, tacks, screws & nails
  • Flourescent starters
  • Picture hooks & wires
  • hoses for washing machines
  • Jump leads
  • Sink plugs & door stops
  • Ducktape, electrical and pluming tape
  • Wallpaper adhesive (No more nails!)
  • White spirit and methylated
  • Teak oil, linseed oil & putty
  • Gardening Supplies
  • Pet Supplies


This is just a shortlist of products we sell. Please phone us to check if any item is in stock or if you were looking for something in particular!



Shore Rd, Kilcreggan, Helensburgh G84 0HG

(Phone) 01436842401
(Email) [email protected]

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